Even though in today’s reality commuting has become obsolete for many, it is still an important factor to consider when planning to move to either Boulder and Denver in case you still are having to commute/thinking ahead to if/when Colorado starts opening up more completely.

Word on the street is that the Denver-Boulder commute gets old quickly.

It is important to know that the congestion during rush hour is counter intuitive – traffic is actually worse coming into Boulder from Denver in the morning and it can be brutal going to Denver from Boulder from about 4 pm to 6:30 pm Monday – Friday.

The drive between downtown Denver and Boulder should take about 30 minutes with no traffic. But with traffic plan on about an hour and longer if you are in or need to get to North Boulder because you will have to fight to get through Boulder downtown traffic.

Highway 36 also known as the Denver Boulder Turnpike, the main road between Denver and Boulder, did just add a toll lane which is clutch when you just can’t sit and look at red taillights. There is also a bus that has frequent routes you can check out the schedule here. And for all the cyclists out there, there is a bikeway that goes from Westminster to Louisville (a large segment between Denver and Boulder.)

Be sure to check out Good Good’s local area map of Boulder to get a better lay-of-the-land.

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