Our name was almost Uncommon. It’s not because we’re weird. No, we just aren’t your average real estate agents who like to plaster their photos across anything possible. We’d rather focus on our clients and our charitable mission. We decided the name Good Good does a better job of capturing our dual purpose of doing good by our clients and good by animals with our 5% donation to animal rescues. So, we went with Good Good and the rest is history. We believe wholeheartedly in the value of small batch service. I guess you could say we are the microbrewery of real estate agencies – we put emphasis on quality, small-batch service with a caring, knowledgeable flavor. You won’t ever get a canned response or automated birthday message. When you get communication from us, it’s genuine contact from a real person! Give us a shout and let’s talk about your real estate needs.

What Clients Say

“We did a very careful search and checked references on many realtors at the time. We needed someone who was honest, knowledgeable, and had the motivation and business savvy to get us the best price. Katie having had a former background in journalism made me feel she had integrity and a reliance for facts and checking things out. Her business savvy did shine through as she got a bidding war going on between some of the big players in the Boulder area and the result was that we got a surprisingly high price for the house.”

1919 14th St.
Suite 700
Boulder, CO 80302

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