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We are able to do this as a result of having no brokerage fees/commission splits that brokers pay to the brokerage firm they associate with. Also, low overhead. No fancy office space for Good Good Realty. And no park bench, grocery store cart or bus butt advertising here. Just caring, individualized, knowledgeable service and the hope that people will spread the word.

Is there a cost to you?

Nope. It is that simple, we could just leave it there.
There is neither monetary nor service costs to you. The 5 percent is donated from a portion of our commission check and a check from the agent is made out to the animal rescue of your choice.

Where does the money go?

The money goes to one of the local animal rescues Good Good works closely with. Clients choose which rescue they would like the money from their transaction to be donated to and Good Good along with the local rescue will keep you informed of the animals that you help save.

“Sick and senior dogs are often overlooked, even by rescues, because the funds to take care of these pups are hard acquire. Each donation made from Good Good Realty will go to a specific at risk dog that everybody else has left behind due to the fact that it needs medical attention.”

– Rebecca Orin, Founder of Brighter Days Dog Rescue


Good Good Realty is not permitted to give any incentive, compensation, commission, fee, kickback, donation or thing of value to any individual or organization for the referral of real estate-related business.

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