Staging a Home to Sell

Staging a Home to Sell

Ever wondered why mannequins are often headless?

As explained in Mad Men:

“… so the shoppers can imagine them to be anyone.”

Just as shoppers need to be able to imagine themselves wearing the clothes on the headless mannequins, buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your home.

Here are three tips on how to start transforming your home into a headless mannequin, so to speak.

1. Everything Personal Has To Go: The plants that you love, family photos, religious paraphernalia, books that are not innocuous, etc. have to be removed.
2. No Clutter: There should be nothing on any surface of the home – coffee tables, counter tops, tables, etc. Cupboards, drawers and closets should all be partially cleared out so that the home appears to have more storage than it actually does have. There should not be a ton of furniture in the home – just enough to be pleasant but still feel roomie no matter the size of the room/property.
3. Neutral and Clean: I know this is a bummer but lack of personality sells. The bright green, pink, yellow walls should be painted a neutral gray, white, beige, etc. The bedding should be crisp and neutral and the towels should also be fresh and, yes, neutral in color. Plain Jane wins the game.  

Making your home into a headless mannequin is your first step of getting your home ready to be someone else’s.

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