Boulder is a Great Place to Move Amid the Pandemic

Boulder is a Great Place to Move Amid the Pandemic

Heading for the hills has figuratively been on city dwellers minds since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Many urban dwellers fleeing to locations where they summer. Or at least trying to – with Gunnison County in Colorado issuing an order that requires non-residents to leave the county and mandatory quarantines in many places for out-of-towners.

But when these contaminated aerosols settle, urbanites might find themselves reevaluating their permanent place of residence.

And literally heading for the hills to Boulder might be the perfect fit.

Boulder has a big city drive with a small town feel and room to roam.

Erase the misconceived notion that Boulder is a town made up of tree-hugging hippies, crazed triathletes and people who jumped on the legal marijuana train to the Colorado foothills. 

Boulder definitely has some of that, but is much more than just that.

Google, Twitter, Ball Aerospace, Crispin Porter + Bogusky and IBM are a few of Boulder’s household name employers, not to mention the entrepreneurial side of Boulder. Techstars’ incubator is located here and Crocs, Spyder, Justin’s, Celestial Seasons are just handful of copious Boulder born companies.

When Boulderites aren’t hard at work coming up with ingenious advertising, coding algorithms, innovative outdoor apparel and tea to sip on between activities – they are enjoying the fresh air on the trails zigging and zagging through the 45,000 acres of both mountainous and agricultural Open Space, driving 30 minutes to Eldora Ski Resort, stand-up paddle boarding in the Boulder Reservoir or climbing pitches in close-by Eldorado Canyon State Park.

And when Boulderites are done working and recreating, they go home to their houses nestled amongst the ponderosa pines in the Boulder Foothills, their more urban-style homes a short walk away from shops and restaurants, their suburban homes with friendly neighbors or to their “rural” homes where the alpacas and chickens are waiting in the backyard.

Boulder really has it all.

If you are intrigued about Boulder check out our Moving To Boulder and Best Neighborhoods in Boulder Colorado articles. Also, be sure to take a look at our Good Good Map to get a lay of the land.

Good Good is a Boulder area real estate agency. We specialize in helping good people find the perfect Boulder home. We’re low pressure but high touch. If you are moving to Boulder or thinking about moving to Boulder and need some help with logistics or need a guide in the Boulder area, we may be a good fit. Give us a call if you’d like to chat. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about the Boulder area or give you a tour. 


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